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Client Testimonial: How hiring a specialized accountant alleviates stress and brings profit.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that running a business is no easy feat, and running a quilt shop is just as hard. One of the huge challenges of running a business is bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting. You don’t have the time to crunch numbers, you need to focus on your employees and your customers. That's why hiring a specialized accountant that knows your type of business is one of the best decisions you can make.

Client Background

Karla is the owner of Cherrywood Fabrics, a quilt studio that specializes in hand dyed fabrics. Cherrywood Fabrics goes to shows and expos all across the country, selling hand dyed fabrics . She needed an accountant that knew her business and she found that with Curtis Accounting Solutions.

Why did Karla Choose Curtis Accounting Solutions?

She was referred to Curtis Accounting Solutions by a friend, but as she says, it was an easy choice because of “the obvious understanding of the quilt industry and knowing your background (Jacob, the founder of Curtis Accounting Solutions, is a co-owner of a quilt shop) there wasn’t any trying to explain what my company did. You just kind of got it right away, because we’re kind of unique”.

Freeing Up Time

Time is always short when it comes to running your business. So freeing up any time is a success. Since hiring Curtis Accounting Solutions “it has alleviated the stress off Donna (one of Karla’s employees), who's been my bookkeeper. And to be able to take that off of her plate has given her more time to focus on our business and our challenges. Just today, she came up with an excellent marketing idea. So now her brain is freer to look at the big picture, instead of that day-to-day entering, paying, calculating and all that stuff.”


In the past Karla’s previous accountants would often talk down to her and purposefully use terms that no one but an accountant would understand. But one of the immutable laws of Curtis Accounting Solutions is Proactive Communication. We believe in communicating clearly, frequently, and proactively. It’s so important to our team, it’s listed on our website. Karla see’s this in her everyday interactions with Curtis Accounting Solutions they “can speak in normal conversation terms and that has really been helpful.”

Profit Minded

When an entrepreneur thinks about opening a business it is usually with the intention of not having to work as much. Karla’s goal is similar; her goal is to have “a really strong team that knows what they need to do and they're able to do it on their own and have all the tools they need to do it. So that she is free to take time off and travel.” With Curtis Accounting Solutions taking care of all of her bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting her company is in great hands. Curtis Accounting Solutions is Profit Minded. We believe profit allows us and our clients to serve and give more. So whatever strategy we use with the accounting for your business, it will be with profit being the first goal. Since hiring Curtis Accounting Solutions Cherrywood Fabric has grown 47% in income and 323% in net income!

If you are looking for those kinds of results we can help!

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