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Client Testimonial: Having an Accountant who Communicates is key

Proactive Communication

I am sure you have heard the phrase “communication is key”. Well it is, especially when it comes to client business relationships. If your client can’t reach you to ask you questions you are going to lose their trust. It also goes the other way if you can’t reach your client then you can’t get the information you need to do their work.

Shelly is the owner of The Iowa Quilt Block. Her shop sells everything you need for your quilting and sewing needs. She has not had a good experience with her previous accountants. As she states “I had two other accountants before you and both of them were very nice people, but they were just impossible to get a hold of. I heard from them twice a year. That was the letter that said, "Gather all your things." And the email that said, "Your taxes are done. And here's what you owe." That's literally all I ever heard, and I had lots of questions. I would get an IRS letter and give it to them and then they would be like, "Okay, yeah, I'll take care of that." And then they wouldn't take care of it. And I would get another letter. I was just overwhelmed about some things, but it was just impossible to really get a very personalized service.”

Her experience with Curtis Accounting Solutions has been very different. Proactive communication is one of our Immutable Laws. We believe in communicating clearly, frequently, and proactively. We strive to stay in contact with all of our clients. We are also a tech friendly firm meaning we use programs that make communicating easy for us and the clients. Shelly states “ I can literally send you a message when it's on my mind and somebody will get back to me.” This is key. She also says that she “ likes that we assign her, her tasks”. This keeps the work moving and her cash flowing.

Profit Minded

Another one of Curtis Accounting Solutions Immutable laws is being Profit minded because with profit you can fulfill your dream. Sometimes people think that accountants charge too much for their services but Shelly stated “I just feel like you guys earn every penny that you charge.” Our accounting firm also uses the Profit First system, which Shelly loves “I love profit first. I've only been doing it for three months, really but that little profit account has grown quite a bit. And that is a good feeling”

Free time

Having an accountant to do the bookkeeping and taxes for your business really helps you free up your time. Shelly found this to be true! “I actually can sew at home because you guys do a lot of stuff. You do take care of a ton of stuff and I just have peace of mind that it's taken care of. And so I scheduled time to just sew and enjoy myself at home. I'm not working 18 hours a day like I used to. I breathe a little bit. I just feel like I'm getting a little more balance. I am a worker bee, but now I go home, cook dinner with my husband, and relax for a couple hours”. You should be owning your business, it shouldn't be owning you. By hiring Curtis Accounting Solutions you can free up your time and watch your profit grow.


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