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Not having a specifically designed cash management system for your quilt shop could be the problem. We’ll help you get the system we use in our shop.

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We Understand

As the co-owner of a quilt shop myself, I know how crazy owning a quilt can shop be – from customer demands to creating an inviting shop. And that’s why you don’t need an expert you need the expert.

With almost a decade in the quilting industry, we have become the money experts in cash management for quilt shops.

A message for you from Mike Michalowicz,
author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, and Fix This Next

We Love To See Our Clients Win

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Since working with Jacob and the team, we've had the time to actually work on non-accounting things, which has been amazing.

When people were freaking out in January, "I have to get my tax stuff together," and then it's February. "I have to get my tax stuff together." I'm like, "Ann, I don't understand. I don't have to do anything." And she's like,

"Right, because we're doing it right." And I was like, "Okay, you're right. Jacob just has everything under control." All of the owners were freaking out and I don't have to do anything. It just happens. That was amazing to me. I didn't have to do anything.

The difference between working with Jacob and working with another accountant is that he doesn't speak accountant speak. And he has a clue about retail and Profit First.


We chose Jacob because of his obvious understanding of the quilt industry and knowing his background there wasn't any trying to explain what my company did. He just kind of got it right away.


Since hiring Jacob, it's alleviated the stress. And to be able to take that off of the plate has given us more time to focus on our business and our challenges. We are freer to look at the big picture instead of that day-to-day entering and paying and calculating and all that stuff.


Understanding the language of bookkeeping and accounting has always rubbed me the wrong way. But knowing that there are professionals like Jacob, that can speak in normal conversation terms, has really been helpful.


Jacob responds quickly, that's wonderful. And rather than take something and run with it, he asks questions to clarify. I know he knows quilting, but he doesn't know Donna. I appreciate his questions. And I can ask him any question, dumb or not, and I get a straight shot answer. It might not be the one I want, but it's the truth.


I would refer business to Jacob and the team because they understand the business. I love their responsiveness, they work to understand, and how positive I feel about Curtis Accounting Solutions over others would be enough.

They care.


And it's nice I don't have to catalog transactions anymore. That is awesome!

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Implementing the profit first system has helped us get more in control of our money. Learning how to use the system and being able to ask Jacob questions and getting his help with setting things up has been extremely helpful and valuable.


Jacob actually listens. He asks really good questions to help us figure out what is needed. He follows through with the things he says he will do. He’s on top of everything and I really, really appreciate that. 


Jacob and his team are so professional and they really keep on top of everything which eases a lot of pressure off of me.

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The number one thing that I need is communication and Jacob is so excellent at that. Coming from a quilt store background, he also understands the language and the things I am dealing with. They have an app that allows me to communicate with them anytime, securely. I can upload documents, ask questions, and I can see their responses all in one place.


I hesitated to change accounting firms, but while my other accountants were nice people, they were impossible to get ahold of and I only heard from them a couple of times a year. It didn’t feel like I received very personal service and I felt I couldn’t plan appropriately when I didn’t know what my tax burden was going to be until December. I feel that Jacob and his team earn every penny they charge.


They have taken over several bookkeeping aspects of my business that have allowed me free time to do the things I love and spend more time with the people I care about.


Jacob sends a report monthly outlining the key financial aspects of my business and dictating what these indicators mean and how I can improve. There is also a federal and state tax update quarterly. This makes me feel like I am prepared for the future and not scrambling at the last minute.


As a business owner, I work a ton of hours and wear a bunch of different hats, but I am so thankful that I took off the bookkeeper hat and let them take care of that for me. Working with Jacob was one of the best decisions that I have made.


I started my business and was the CEO - the Chief Everything Officer. I wore all the hats. And it worked until it didn’t anymore. I hired employees to help with the workload, and I worked even more hours. My business was booming, but my bank account was not. I was stressed and frustrated. I needed to make a change.


Curtis Accounting Solutions was a lifesaver! The price tag was surprising initially, but I will never go back after working with them for a month.


Not only that, with Jacob's assistance, I have a plan in place to be rid of bad debt, pay my taxes, and earning real money by the end of the year. I am now more confident in my business than I have been in years.

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Owning A Quilt Shop Can Be A Blast

But it can also be very overwhelming – from customer demands to creating an inviting shop to picking the right fabrics, kits, and notions that will sell without going on clearance. Often, we feel like we are a hamster on its wheel – running and running and running but never getting to our destination.

Sometimes we make changes, and things seem to be improving, but we eventually realize that all we really did is get on a bigger wheel. We may have gotten bigger, but we have the same problems – now they are just bigger and more overwhelming. No matter how much we work, we never seem to improve our lives.

With most businesses only surviving from check to check, it’s no wonder that quilt shop owners are stressed and struggling to grow. With Curtis Accounting’s simple cash management system, you’ll be organized and growing.

As a quilt shop owner myself, I know how crazy owning a quilt shop be. With almost a decade in the industry, I understand what you’re going through. As a CPA and CPFP, I offer a customized simple cash management system for quilt shops of any size.

Growing your quilt shop is as easy as counting to three:

  1. Choose your service and get the tools and resources you need to grow your shop.

  2. Work the blueprint you developed. Put that plan into action and transform your shop. 

  3. Watch as your shop and transforms and grows, eliminating the stress and frustration of not knowing. You now know exactly how much you have to spend and where to spend it.

Get your solution today by scheduling a call or downloading our free guide:

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Picture the perfect quilt shop – with its fully stocked shelves, the wide variety of fabrics, kits, and notions. As you take a peek behind the scenes, you see the owner making decisions with confidence because she has the systems in place to ensure her shop is running like a well-oiled sewing machine.

Get your solution today by scheduling a call or downloading our free guide.

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