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Client Testimonial: Having a good accountant helps you on your road to Financial Freedom

What is Financial Freedom? Financial Freedom is not living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Freedom is what we all want and usually why entrepreneurs start a business, to make enough money that they don’t have to worry anymore. But being an entrepreneur is not easy and being a quilt shop entrepreneur is just as hard. Depending on the type of quilt shop you run you have to deal with multiple things from fabric sales and machine maintenance, to your customers and employees. Probably the last thing on your mind is your finances. You have the knack for creativity but managing cash for your quilt shop is stressful and overwhelming. But don’t worry Curtis Accounting Solutions can help!

Client Background

Krisann is the co-owner of Sew Easy Sewing, a shop that specializes in repairs and cleaning sewing machines. Their shops also sell just about anything you need for your quilting endeavors from fabric all the way to sewing machine desks. Before she hired Curtis Accounting Solutions she did not have good experiences with her other accountants. “He would say he was going to do something and it never got done. Another tax professional we had, could never get together with me. It just, it didn't happen. We just haven't had any positive experiences until you.”

Communication is Key

Krisann has been highly impressed with Curtis Accounting Solutions, “You actually listen, you follow through, and do what you say you're going to do. We have not had that experience with previous tax professionals.” At Curtis Accounting Solutions we believe in proactive communication which means communicating clearly, frequently, and proactively. For Krisann this really shows. “ You listen, you ask really good questions to help us figure out what you need from us. You're on top of things and I really, really appreciate that. You guys are so professional and just really stay on top of everything to help us. It eases a lot of the pressure off of me.”

Profit First

Being Profit Minded is one of Curtis Accounting Solutions immutable laws. We believe that when we put profit first it allows you to gain your Financial Freedom. Krisann believes that “in implementing the profit first system, it has helped us get more in control of things.” When using the profit first system you can control your finances and find financial freedom. Curtis Accounting Solutions is Profit First Certified and has helped their clients to get started on the road to Financial Freedom.

Are you looking for Financial Freedom?

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