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Client Testimonial: How Working with an Accountant Has Helped this Quilt Shop Business Owner

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

In a perfect world, your quilt shop finances and accounting would always be in perfect sync. But as any small business owner can tell you, that's not always the case. Having a stellar accountant on your team is important to keep your books and business running smoothly.

Client Background

Donna is the owner of Montana Long-Arm Quilting and Supplies. Her shop provides exceptional training and classes, machines, supplies, and finishing services to make your treasured quilting and embroidery creations come alive!

She has been working with Curtis Accounting Solutions after hiring other accountants and having a not-so-great experience.

Donna’s Challenges with Accountants and Bookkeeping

“It’s been hard to find an accountant who cares about my business. The last accountant missed payroll twice because of personal [pre-planned] reasons. My employees depend on their paychecks, so it’s very frustrating.” Donna wrote checks for her employees to have money to tide them over until her accountant returned.

This mistake - made multiple times - affected her employees' livelihood, as most of them live paycheck to paycheck. They could not make their mortgage payments and buy food for their families.

Donna also struggled with keeping her books organized to prepare for the upcoming tax season. As for any business owner, sometimes it’s hard to remember to use the right card or not pay cash for business expenses. That can make taxes harder than they should be to file.

Curtis Accounting Solutions Approach

Donna hired Curtis Accounting Solutions after seeing an ad in American Quilt Retailer. She had been looking for an accountant that really cared about her business and wanted to help her succeed.

One of the immutable laws of Curtis Accounting Solutions is Proactive Communication. We believe in communicating clearly, frequently, and proactively. It’s so important to our team, it’s listed on our website.

We are also Profit Minded. We believe profit allows us and our clients to serve and give more. So whatever strategy we use with the accounting for your business, it will be with profit being the first goal.

Jacob’s team was also committed to helping Donna be more organized for her upcoming taxes by doing a tax deep dive. Our team investigated her books, asked questions, clarified the issues, and repeated the process until we knew exactly what needed to be done to file her taxes efficiently and on time.

Donna’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Results

Donna loves working with Curtis Accounting Solutions because “You respond quickly! Rather than take something and run with it, you ask questions to clarify. I can ask any question, dumb or not, and get a straight-shot answer. It’s not always the one I want, but it’s the truth. And I appreciate that.”

For Donna’s taxes, CAS reviewed what needed to happen and where to file receipts to adjust later. The team also does bookkeeping every week and reviews every month to ensure they get everything into the bookkeeping system accurately.

Jacob and his team “understand the business. They are responsive, work to understand, and always make me feel positive about their firm.”

Are you looking for support with bookkeeping and taxes for your quilting business? We can help. Let’s schedule a time to talk.

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