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The Secret to Being Different

Better is not better. Different is better. Let me say that one more time. Better is not better. Different is better. Our customers have short attention spans. Studies show it is about three seconds. Our new customers don't value all our hard work they value how we get their attention. A great example of this is Uber or Lyft they aren't better taxi services but they are different.

Find your Why

The goal is to be different, to stand out from the crowd. And to find your different factor, your rallying call, you need to look inward. As Simon Sinek explains in his book, Start with Why your purpose for your business goes beyond just making money. It is your own unique way of expressing your why. When you do this right, it will fuel your customers and support you with rapid growth.

You need to be able to share your purpose or rallying call in a short, concise manner. It needs to be memorable. This is important: your rallying call is not meant for everyone that walks through your door. It's like a dog whistle. It is meant for only those that hear it and “get it.” It concisely states your company’s greater purpose while simultaneously speaking your customer’s language and filtering out everyone else. It will become your greatest sales tool.

The 5 Anchors

In my experience, there are five underlying anchors when forming your purpose.

1–A better way. Your customers deserve products and services that make their lives easier.

2–A common enemy ideology. Standing for something new and defeating the establishment.

3–A common enemy competitor. Your business is an underdog who is taking on the big dog. Who are you trying to take down?

4–The great equalizer. What once was only available to the rich and connected, you now make available to everyone.

5–Only for the elite. Your products or services are only available to those who have earned them as a reward for their hard work and good fortune.

Your slogan, a rallying cry, should be a repeatable, viral message that speaks to your mission and inspires the next prospect to become your customer.

How To

So how do you find your purpose and create a rallying call?

First, get clarity around your mission. If you don’t yet have a mission or purpose for your business, start with your personal mission. I highly recommend reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek to really dive deep into this.

Second, break it down into a small, powerful phrase. This may take time and many iterations but you'll know you’ve got it when you get goosebumps every time you hear or say it. Once you know what it is, you must beat that drum and create that rhythm. You need to constantly and consistently share it.

Spread the Word

A great way to get your business's rallying cry out is to gather together a group of your biggest supporters (a.k.a best customers). Maybe have a free quilting class or a sew-athon. Because when they are together, they will encourage each other, build more loyalty with your brand, and help you spread the word about your rallying cry, which in turn helps you gain more customers and piecing together Financial Freedom.

Does this really work? Just google First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy and watch the 3-minute video.


To recap our topic today, you need to have a purpose for your shop that goes beyond just making money. It needs to inspire you and rally your customers behind you. Make sure your rallying call is unique to you and gives you goosebumps. Then share it.

In May, I will lead a discussion about this at the Creative Retailor Live event in Oklahoma. I would love for you to join me in that discussion in person. Click on the link below and use code CURTIS25 at checkout to get $25 off your registration. I hope to see you there!


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