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Grow your Quilt Shop with Confidence

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Profit First for Quilt Shops Workshop

Friday, July 23, 2021
11 AM to 3 PM CDT

What to Expect

This (almost) 4-hour workshop walks you step-by-step through implementing Profit First in your Quilt Shop
  • Profit First Overview

  • The Instant Assessment

  • Roll Out Plan

  • Bank Accounts

  • Allocation Rhythm

  • Profit Points

  • BONUS: Personal Income Targeting

Stop Wondering  Where The Money Went

1- Register
2- Attend
3- Grow


Learn how to transition from your current cash management system and implement Profit First correctly in your quilt shop, with guidance from Jacob Curtis, the Quilt Shop's Accountant and Certified Profit First Professional.

Create a customized Profit Blueprint. This is your road map to permanent profitability.

Learn how to listen to your quilt shop and make the changes that will ensure your profitability beyond the implementation of Profit First.

Virtual Team Meeting

The Details

Who: Quilt Shop Owners (only a few spots left!)

What: Profit First Workshop

When: July 23rd, 11 AM to 3 PM CDT

Where: Virtual (facilitated by Zoom)

Investment: $249 due at registration





To get the most from your Profit First Workshop experience, complete the following checklist prior to the workshop:

Read Profit First by Mike Michalowizc

Or at least through chapter 6

Complete the worksheet with your accounting professional and bring it with you

The worksheet will be emailed to you upon registration

Gather your financial statements*

If you do not have up-to-date financial statements, reach out to your accounting professional for current ones:

Profit and loss (income) statement for the last 12 months

Cash basis - NOT accrual

Balance Sheet for the same period as your Profit and Loss statement

Cash basis - NOT accrual

Statement of Cash Flows for the last 12 months

This is an accrual basis statement, and that's okay!

Gather the contact information for your bank

Phone number and contact name

Your current bank

Where you will have most of your Profit First bank accounts

Your second bank

For your "no temptation" accounts

*Note: If you don't have and can't get financial statements, gather the following items:

  • Last completed tax return

  • Bank statements for the last 12 months

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