Benchmark Assessment

Record where you are at today, so you can see just how far you have gone!

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One Page Prosperity Plan

Use this guide to write down your WHY, HOW, and WHAT!

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Create Your Vision Story

Your vision story provides you and everyone who works with your company with both direction and inspiration. Your vision should encompass the Why, What, and How of your business.


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90-Day Goals

Convert your annual goals into bite-size goals to give you focus and direction each quarter!

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Desert Island Questions

Stop struggling with identifying your top customer, this guide makes it easy.

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Wish List Customer Interview

Refine your unique offering to tailor what your best customers want!

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The Blend Technique

With this guide you will look at your business in a new light to help create a better one!

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Business System Assessment

Systems give you the ability to scale your business and grow. This assessment gives you the tools to evaluate your current level of systematization and identify areas for systematization.

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The Recession Response

Here is a awesome tool to help take the worry out of a recession.

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Pruning your Customers

Every business has those problem customers. Use this guide to help you to prune them out.

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Product/Service Profitability Analysis

Use this sheet to help you find your most profitable services/products.

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Target Allocation Percentages

Use this guide to learn about (TAP's) and how they can help you in your business.

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Debt Freeze pt. 1

Debt is a big problem for business owners use this guide to help freeze it in its tracks!

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Profit First Instant Assessment

With this assessment you can see what you need to fix money wise in your business to put Profit First!

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Program Objectives and Goals

As you start any new program, make sure you write down your objectives and goals! Use this guide to get started!

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Immutable Laws

Struggling with HOW you want to conduct business and interact with your customers?


Download this guide to create your company's Immutable Laws!

Turn Your Vision into
Achievable Goals

Convert your Vision and ideas into goals that you can achieve!

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Sweet Spot Assessment

Stop struggling with sales by operating in your Sweet Spot!

Are you in your "Sweet Spot?"

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Choose Your Area of Innovation

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Figuring out your area of innovations is the way to do that!

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Unique Offering

Do you know what makes your business different? What do you offer that no one else does? With this guide you can discover the answer to those questions.

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The Insider Strategy

Would you like to know the key to successfully developing and launching a new item or service in your business?

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Guide to Effective Delegation

Ever feel like there is not enough time in the day especially for your business. Well this guide will help you learn delegation.

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Employee Self-Assessment 

This is a great tool to help you assess your employees.

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Opportunity Finder

When you are a business owner it is easy to get caught up in finding or deciding on all the different opportunities you can take with your business. This guide will help you zero in on the best one.

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Product/Service Assessment

Use this Assessment to zero in on which products/services will help you grow your business.

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Pricing Worksheet

Use this handy worksheet to figure your business pricing and how to help with it.

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Debt Freeze pt. 2

Your employees are either the key or the downfall to your business use this guide to know what to do!

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Key Employee Company Overview

Make sure your people are all assigned to their proper roles and responsibilities.


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Find Your Purpose and Mission

Give your shop a purpose that you, your employees, and your customers can get behind!


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Your Annual Goals

Convert your BIG goals into annual milestones that will help you fulfill your mission!

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Customer Assessment

Do you know who your top customers are? This assessment will tell you exactly who your actual "Top Customers" are!

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Congregation Point Technique

Do you know what your niche is? Who are you trying to reach?

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Leap Frog the Competition

Do you want to leap-frog over your competitors? Find out how in this guide.

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The Sweet Spot Marketing Plan

Marketing your business is hard! Use this guide to help you!

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The Process Flow Method

Knowing how your business flows and runs is key to a great business!

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Survival Trap Guide

Every business owner and business gets stuck in trying to fix things and when they do they waste valuable time. Use this guide to get out of the trap!

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Crisis Response

Every company has a crisis. This download helps you see the way through it.

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Allocate your Money First

Use this guide to learn how to put your profit in your business first!

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Expense Chopper Worksheet

Use this worksheet to learn how to chop your expenses!

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Debt Freeze pt. 3

Keep getting rid of debt with more cuts! Use this guide!

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